In Colorado, all commercial property owners must follow building codes to ensure that their property is safe. If they allow visitors inside the property, they must follow additional precautions to stop avoidable accidents from occurring. If they fail to provide a safe property, they are liable and are subject to a premises liability. The following includes details about these cases that are managed by a personal injury lawyer in Denver.

OSHA Violations and Standards

If the owner has workers inside the property, they must follow all OSHA standards for a safe workplace. They must follow schedules set forth for property maintenance and repairs outlined in these standards. Any failure to comply with these requirements could lead to worker-related injury claims.

Maintaining the Property and Preventing Hazards

For visitors, they must follow strategies such as inspections that are performed daily. These inspections determine if there are any existing hazards that could lead to injuries. This includes possible chemical spills or hazards within parking areas. They must also enforce no admittance rules related to high-risk areas in which visitors aren’t allowed to enter. A denver personal injury lawyer can help any visitors who were injured due to these circumstances.


Safety Protocol and Policies

Commercial properties such as retail stores must enforce safety protocol and policies. The workers must follow these guidelines to lower the risk of customer-related injuries. For example, they must place signs around areas that were mopped recently. This brings the current conditions to the customer’s attention and prevents a slip and fall accident.

Knowledge of All Hazards

In a premises liability case, the first step is to provide evidence that the owner, manager, or workers were aware of hazards. If these hazards were building code or OSHA violations, the property owner is at fault regardless of knowledge. However, if it is proven that they knew and failed to take action, the liability could be increased.


What to Expect

A personal injury lawyer in Denver file the lawsuit and submit evidence associated with the victim’s injuries. The defendant has a limited window of time to provide a settlement for these injuries. If they fail to provide any compensation, a judge and jury make a final decisions at the conclusion of a trial.

In Colorado, all commercial property owners must comply with federal regulations and local building codes. These standards and laws are in place to lower the risk to visitors and workers. Victims of circumstances linked to these failures contact a personal injury lawyer in Denver today for further assistance.